Steel buildings are great for companies going places

Recently more and more start ups than ever are coming out and testing the waters. It has become obvious that there are a lot of problems with how we have been doing things and many small business owners would like to think that their company can do things a little bit differently. Now more than ever there is the space out there for new companies to go out there and grow. If you are starting your own young company, there are a million and one important decisions that can make or break your company, it can be a lot to keep up with quite frankly. Having a small business treads a delicate line between saving money whenever possible while not ever investing in anything that is not going to be as good of quality as you would like or need in order to successfully run your company.

One of the things that is really important for companies to be extra careful treading this border on is with the building that the company is going to use. A number of companies just find n old building for sale that they can get for fairly cheap as long as it is not in too bad of condition. This probably works well for some companies but there are a few industries or companies where it might be incredibly difficult to find an existing building that is going to match your needs. If you are really looking for something specific, existing buildings can be really hard to do since there is almost always going to be one or two things that do not work for you. If they are small enough things it might be ok but it is also not a good idea to invest in something that is not really going to be what you want or need and then have to go back and find something new later since obviously the previous choice didn’t have these things you wanted or needed.

The other choice here is to just bite the bullet so to say and build your own building that is up to all of your wants and standards. Most people never even think of this option because they assume that it would be far too expensive and it can be, but not if you go with a steel building from CSI Steel Buildings. Steel buildings are some of the cheapest and yet strongest and most durable building options out there, which is part of the reason that steel buildings are so popular with this segment of the market.

Not only are steel buildings quite cheap compared to other kinds of building materials but steel buildings have the extra benefit of being quit customizable so there is almost nothing that you can’t do with your steel building. Since steel is so strong, only steel buildings can have these incredibly wide open spaces without support walls or support beams. While designing your steel building you can also totally customize things like how many windows you want or what kind of design it should have so that you get the perfect building for your company.


Coffee and Yogurt Lounge saves you from getting bored with your frozen yogurt flavors

frozen yogurt shopThe Coffee and Yogurt Lounge saves you and your family the hassle of getting bored with your frozen yogurt flavors. Frozen yogurt is delicious. We all know this. We all even have our favorite flavors. But what happens when you find delicious frozen yogurt that you love so much but desire a new taste? Do you go to a new frozen yogurt lounge? Well, now you don’t have to because Coffee and Yogurt Lounge offers new flavors on a regular basis!

The Coffee and Yogurt Lounge offers flavors such as chocolate obsession yogurt, french vanilla yogurt, raspberry pomegranate tart, graham cracker pie, coconut cream pie yogurt, black cherry tart, yellow cake batter, white chocolate, vanilla malt yogurt and many more options to choose from! They specialize in frozen yogurt as well as coffee so you can be sure to get as many different flavors to choose from on a regular basis. They are here to make sure that you get the flavors and variety of frozen yogurt that you crave. Variety is a hot commodity and Coffee and Yogurt Lounge will not skimp on variety.

If you are looking for a frozen yogurt shop that offers the same three flavors all the time, then this still may be the yogurt shop for you! Even though the flavors are constantly changing, you can still find your favorite flavor or a variety of your favorite flavor. No longer will you walk into a yogurt shop and have to choose from plain vanilla, chocolate or strawberry. Now you can walk into a yogurt shop and have a plethora of choices to choose from. You can even mix and match flavors. For example, get a scoop of dutch apple pie frozen yogurt and mix it with a scoop of dulce de leche frozen yogurt.

The Coffee and Yogurt Lounge also offers a wide variety of coffee drinks so you can pair your choice of frozen yogurt along with your favorite coffee drink. You can also try a new coffee concoction to complement your new frozen yogurt flavor. Coffee drinks can pair with frozen yogurt flavors for a delightful boost. You can get a caramel latte and pair it with sea salted caramel latte frozen yogurt. You can also get a delicious cup of Dazbog brewed coffee and pair it with the java chip frozen yogurt for an added kick.

Not only can you pair your coffee from a coffee lounge with your frozen yogurt, but you can also find frozen yogurt that is paired with the season or holiday. For example, in the fall, you can pair the season with a pumpkin frozen yogurt. During the holidays, you can pair your Christmas tree with non-fat ginger bread frozen yogurt. You can also pair your festive holiday celebrations with delicious egg nog frozen yogurt.

Whatever ways you choose to mix up your frozen yogurt flavors, Coffee and Yogurt Lounge offers a variety of flavors that change on a routine basis. You can eat it alone, pair it with coffee, mix and match the flavors, or pair it with a holiday.


So youre a DIY upholstery cleaner…

Your furniture get a lot of wear and tear on a daily basis, and dirt and stains are inevitable. Spills happen in the blink of an eye and once the spaghetti sauce hits the cushion, the clock starts. The first thing you should know when that happens is to blot the stain, do not scrub or rub or the stain will worsen. In the interest of making those furniture investments look well-cared for and last as long as possible, you have to keep up with them with regular maintenance. Arm yourself with knowledge about your particular furniture materials and always have the appropriate cleaning products stocked in the house. There should be a tag attached to a cushion that tells you what materials you are working with and some basic cleaning instructions. Some common codes on the tags are:

W- for water, which means you can use a water-based cleaning product

S- means the piece should be cleaned with a ‘solvent’ or water-free product, like a dry-cleaning solvent. Water could leave rings or altar the dyes in the fabric. Be sure to read the label on the product you choose.

WS – it is safe for both water-based and solvent solutions. This is something to look for when purchasing furniture, especially if you have children or pets and anticipate a fair amount of usage because it opens up your options for cleaning methods.

X- This means you have a difficult piece. Both water and solvents are questionable and you should definitely call in a professional. 

If there is no tag, and with all DIY upholstery cleaning in general, you assume the risk that your products may have a negative affect no your furniture. I recommend calling a professional for advice and definitely testing the selected product on an out-of-site area to see how the material responds.

Before cleaning your upholstery, go over it with a vacuum. It is important to get all the loose dirt, dust and hair up before applying any sort of cleaner because those particles, when wet, can turn into stains. This will also help you see the existing stains and stubborn dirt spots that will need attention. Make sure to use the vacuum attachments to get down into the crevices of cushions.

Next, you should use a steam cleaner. You will want to consider all the costs involved with this item and decide if you want rent or purchase one. If you think you will use it frequently, I recommend purchasing a steam cleaner, which usually range from $40-$150. Although the cost of a bottle of cleaner will surprise you (usually $15-$20), continuous rentals can add up over time as well.

For newer stains, visit the A-Z Stain Removal guide for instructions on how to attack every possible stain under the sun.

For larger overhauls or older, more delicate pieces, calling in a professional upholstery cleaner company might save you time and energy and will give you peace of mind knowing the job is done thoroughly and properly. Chem-dry is a process that is safe for all kinds of upholstery. It uses a carbonated solution where the tiny bubbles “explode dirt and grime off the fibers surface.”


Five reasons to invest in uranium stocks. you are earning more money than you are spending each month, it is a great idea to invest some of that money.  In other words, let your money make you more money.  Unfortunately, even if you are sure you would like to invest, it can be difficult to know exactly what to invest in.  Not every person will be lucky enough to invest in the next big thing.  There are ways to determine what types of industries are good investments, however.  Currently, one of the smartest things to invest in is uranium production.  The reasons for this are numerous, but the bottom line is that the industry seems poised to take off over the next several decades.  Here are the top five reasons to invest in uranium stocks now.

1.  Increasing energy demand.  The amount of energy the world is consuming is growing every single day.  There are more people in the world, and more and more countries are developing the infrastructure necessary to consume energy.  Ultimately, countries like China, India, and Brazil will consume just as much, if not more, energy than the United States.  All sorts of energy sources will be required to meet this demand, including nuclear energy.

2.  Global warming.  At this point, global warming/climate change is all but a scientific fact.  Very few, if any, scientists working in the field refute the fact that the burning of fossil fuels is causing the planet to warm.  This warming will eventually lead to massive changes on the face of the planet, which could put all life on the planet at risk.  In other words, the world is looking for ways to keep energy use up while decreasing the amount of carbon in the atmosphere.  Nuclear energy is one of the best ways to achieve both.

3.  Decreasing availability of fossil fuels.  Non-renewable energy sources are a very real thing, and fossil fuels are one of them.  Eventually, one day in the future, there will no longer be any fossil fuels available.  Therefore, the world will have to switch to other forms of energy, and uranium stocks will be the beneficiary.  

4.  Prices are low.  Due to events such as the disaster at Fukushima, the prices of uranium stocks have plummeted.  They are about as cheap as they have ever been, which makes now a great time to invest in them.  You can purchase uranium stocks at very affordable prices, and then all you have to do is wait until world demand increases and reap the benefits.

5.  Long-term security.  Because of the four things mentioned above, uranium stocks offer a sense of security.  Since prices are low, and demand for new forms of energy is certainly going to rise over the next century, uranium stocks provide a sure bet.

One of the best uranium mining companies to invest in is Energy Fuels.  They have many mines that are simply waiting until demand rises.  Therefore, they have the infrastructure in place to meet new demands, making them a great investment when it comes to uranium stocks.

What do you know about Asphalt?

When you are in the market for a new driveway, you really should do your research before investing in such an important upgrade for your home. When you have never worked with asphalt before, you cannot expect to know anything about it. What exactly is asphalt? Is it the right option for me? Is it expensive? Is it durable? Do I have to do maintenance on it? These questions should be researched and answered first in order to make an informed decision about your new driveway project.

Did you know?

Asphalt, also called bitumen, is a thick, black byproduct of petroleum and is used as a binder in paving materials composed of a mixture of aggregates such as gravel, stone, sand and rock.

Did you know?

Asphalt is 100% recyclable and is typically composed of recycled or reclaimed materials. It is made up of old driveways, roads, parking lots, and airports. There are many different methods used to recycle asphalt, including both cold and hot techniques.

Did you know?

Asphalt pavement can be used for paving roads, driveways and parking lots. It can also be used on playgrounds, bike paths, running lanes, as well as basketball and tennis courts. One unexpected place you will find asphalt is in the shingles on your roof.

Did you know?

Asphalt is economical. The average price ranges from $2-$5 per square foot. That is twice as much as gravel and may seem high, but on the other hand, it is also half the cost of concrete. Make sure to weigh your options here as asphalt can protect your car from damage to the under carriage while gravel can really tear it up. Plus, asphalt also has sound proofing features that you cannot get with a gravel driveway.

Did you know?

Asphalt is designed to be durable and to withstand the elements over time. An asphalt driveway is built tough and could last up to 20 or 30 years depending on the climate and how well it is maintained. It is less likely to crack in cold harsh weather and its dark color can hide stains well.

Did you know?

Asphalt is easy to fix and maintain. You can easily seal cracks that have occurred from normal settling, patch pesky sink holes from ground instability, and replace small sections to fix any weathered areas. You can also easily do an asphalt overlay to cover any cracks or stains. It is also easy to clean and makes snow easier to remove.

Did you know?

Asphalt can be tinted. There is actually a nice selection of color options to choose from to add some tone and drama to your driveway. Combine with path lighting and you can really create a mood for your entryway. Get away from that traditional black asphalt look and instantly amp up your curb appeal with a nice neutral or bold brick red driveway.

To find more information about asphalt or if you need help with your next paving project, visit

Holland Hurst

5336 High Rd.

Evergreen, CO

(303) 674-7926

Tips from an electrician to rewire an old house

rewireIts no secret that the housing market is a fickle beast. Although it the market is on the rise (at the moment, check back in tomorrow for a different response), many people have turned to renovating their own home or flipping houses to resell at a higher value. In either of these scenarios, tackling the electrical maze inside your walls is one of the more complicated steps to the renovating or flipping process. As a matter of fact, some homes built in the 1980’s may not be up to current safety codes, so many homeowners are looking into rewiring as an option. Here are some tips I have compiled for rewiring an old house:

1. Hire an electrician. The bid will seem expensive, and the parts are cheap so you’ll want to do it yourself. But trust me, the internet, when I tell you it is significantly larger task than you could ever imagine.

Since you’re going to ignore the advice in step 1, Here’s step 2: don’t try to conserve wire.One internet advisee said he spent less than $300 on wire for his whole house. You are bound to cut too short, or too long. You’re going to see a lot of short-cuts that the previous owners took, like using one wire to complete a system when they should have used two. Wire away, my friend.

3. Make a plan. Create an electrical inventory of all the items you will be wiring and then be sure to pull up all the codes and restrictions so you don’t do all the hard work only to find out you’re still below standard. Write all your codes and steps to accomplish down, but leave room for unexpected deviations. They are inevitable. Label everything.

4. Taping your wires together below the stripped end before trying to twist the ends to run through a nut will make the nut-threading processes SO much easier. Not doing so and trying to get all those wires through the nut has been known to make people crazy. Like, Charlie Sheen crazy. And there’s no amount of tigerblood to save you then.

5. When encountering loose-fill insulation, first wear a respirator mask. Second, and this tip is genius, take a cardboard box with both ends open so it acts as a tube or tunnel and push that down into the insulation. This structure will help you remove the insulation, otherwise it just keeps folding in on itself and you will never make progress. It’s like a giant bowl of pasta, no matter how much you eat, it looks just as full as it started.

6. Space electrical outlets 6-8 feet apart. This will eliminate the need for extension cords in most cases. Extension cords with too many inputs can become a fire hazzard.

7. Seriously, just pay someone to do this for you.

Electricans such as Mahaffey Electrical Services in Newport Beach, CA will do a free consultation for your home and they specialize in concealed wiring so you wont have to look at any of that electrical mess ever again.

The cost of surrogacy

For couples who are infertile, the decision to use as surrogate is not to be taken lightly. It comes along with a lot of emotional distress, processing and research to know that surrogacy is the right choice for you. But come on, look at that baby face. You have to have one! It is a scary commitment to make to a complete stranger. Knowing that will carry your baby, but having no control over their actions, is a huge leap of faith (and contractual agreement). You have to trust that they are going to take care of themselves and remain healthy, and all the while foot the bill. Believe me, its not cheap!

A surrogate mother will cost anywhere from $15,000-$30,000, and that is just their personal fee. Then there’s the medical expenses, and the agency fees, and the usual baby preparation. As the family using a surrogate, you are also responsible for financing any maternity clothing, non-prescription medication and any mileage incurred by traveling to and from appointments and other baby needs. By the time all is said and done, the whole process can range from $25,000 (if the surrogate does not require a fee) to $90,000 (if she is collecting a fee and does not have insurance). If you are one of the lucky ones, there is a change your insurance will cover some of this process. Some companies, such as the Surrogate Mothers, Inc., makes the guarantee that  legal fees, advertising costs, and psychological expenses will not increase once the contract is signed. They also do accept some forms of insurance that can help cut down on agency fees.

Other fees include any invasive procedures the surrogate may undergo, monthly support groups, and cesarean section. If you choose a surrogate who has previously been a surrogate, their fee is higher because of the wear on the body, but some couples prefer this because they are reassured that they have successfully delivered more than one child and are familiar with what is to come.

After you have selected your surrogate and undergone the extensive interview process, it is important to draw up a contract that details the expectations each parties has in the arrangement, as well as payment amounts and schedules. Many ‘parents’ deposit the money into an escrow account and is managed by a third party and then the funds are released as bills come up.

It is important to note that if, for some reason, you stop payments to your surrogate, it is within their rights to terminate the pregnancy. Most of the time, couples do not enter into a surrogate relationship lightly and it is unusual for payment to stop, but it has happened in the past. Usually in unfortunate circumstances such as a couple putting their money into the hands of a third party who scammed them or lost it. This is an issue to consider when setting up your payment plans. Make sure that you place your money into the hands of someone you trust so that you have nothing to worry about except which color to paint the room for the baby!

This is an expensive journey to take, but for a lifetime of joy and happiness that you were unfortunately unable to give yourselves, it is absolutely worth it.


The Classic American Concession Stand and Equipment

American Concession Stands

Ensure your business has all the right concession stand equipment.

Have you decided that you want a classic American concession stand setup somewhere in your area? Many might not be thinking outside of the box like you, but lucky for you because you can make a good amount of money from selling products from a classic American concession supplies. However, the startup price is a bit costly, but you need a few vital items to begin your concession stand, and can grow it as you begin making money to cover the price of the equipment.

What Products Should I Sell at My Concession Stand?

Creating your business model is imperative for a concession stand owner because it gives perspective on what needs to be sold and at which point you want to get the equipment to begin selling it. Even more, it helps path approximate dates you intend to purchase the equipment, giving you monetary sales expectations and marketing strategies to achieve it.

As you write down your business model, you will want to incorporate several items in the beginning of your concession stand life, including:

  1. Popcorn – Freshly popped popcorn makes a favorable impression of many people. It is part of the classic American concession stands and continues to be a favorite for many. Buttered popcorn not only tastes good, but also is easy to carry around while people walk and enjoy the scenery of their surroundings and shop.
  2. Popcorn seasonings – If you are going to incorporate popcorn, seasonings for your popcorn will make it a bigger hit. Add certain seasonings such as salt, cinnamon, nacho-cheese flavored, cheddar-cheese flavored, jalapeno and many others.
  3. Pretzels – Who does not like the classic pretzel? It is similar to popcorn, whereas it is easy to eat without making a large mess. In addition, you can make cinnamon pretzels, salt pretzels, pretzel sticks and serve them with dipping cheese.
  4. Cotton Candy – Another American classic is cotton candy. This will appeal largely to the children in the area and will give them a sweet treat to divulge into without making too much of a mess.
  5. Nachos with Cheese – For a heartier snack, people will enjoy being served nachos and cheese. It is a simple thing for concession stands to make and cause minimal mess still.
  6. Fountain Drinks – People prefer fountain drinks to bottled drinks. The taste is fresher and crisper versus the bottles.

Equipment is Just as Vital

For equipment choices such as cotton candy machines, popcorn machines and others, visiting American Concession Supply will offer you affordable, durable equipment. This company understands the dream that many have of opening and maintaining a concession stand and have only the most reputable products in their store to sell to you. The company creates connects with the vendors that sell the equipment, offering it to you at a cheaper price than most other stores. For a startup, this will be a great alternative for you because it keeps your cost reduction low, giving you more money to spend elsewhere – which is a rarity for many.

Air conditioning repair is easier when you plan ahead.

There are a lot of things in life that will save you time, energy, and money if you simply think ahead instead of allowing yourself to be a last minute kind of person. Indeed, with the right foresight, you can end up with an excellent plan on your hands and savings that help you preserve your wallet while also getting what you want. One place in which this is absolutely true is your heating and cooling system. After all, this is an expenditure that you are going to have to make, even if you decide to delay your action on the subject. The reality is that the longer you delay your air conditioning repair, the more expensive it is going to get. So, instead of delaying the inevitable, taking a proactive step to get your heating and cooling system repaired is a great way to make a forward thinking move that might actually prevent you from having to replace your air conditioner altogether, which will certainly cost you more than a repair job would.

There are a lot of ways that an air conditioning or a heating unit can become broken. In fact, these are machines that are working just about non stop for a good portion of the year. Without the right kind of care and concern, these machines will eventually have a problem. The good news is that many heating and air conditioning issues can easily be repaired without putting too much strain on your piggy bank. For problems like a http://www.theacdr.combroken fan or a piece of piping that has come out of place, the replacement protocols are simple and a quality heating and cooling team like the AC Doctors will be more than capable of setting you back on your feet in no time. Another great part about a repair is that it does not have to take forever. If you wait and suffer through a broken system only to find out when you finally call in that you have to have the system replaced, you will likely have to wait for a few weeks before this can happen, as parts must be ordered. Now you have lost valuable time and energy on something that could have been easily handled in a few days or even a single visit. For a small issue, repair people can easily repair your system in a single visit. It does not get much easier than that!

The bottom line is that if you do not have to replace it, why put yourself through the hassle and the financial strain of doing so? By simply thinking ahead and acting as soon as you notice that something is awry, you can avoid significant strain and hassle later on down the road. Plus, you’ll save time and money with air conditioning repairs instead of investing in an entire overhaul of a system and you’ll be a more environmentally conscious person for doing so, as running a faulty system does nothing but harm the environment as you hemorrhage money and energy.

Looking for new window treatments?

window treatmentsIt is amazing what new window treatments can do to tie together any room or office space. Window treatments are often over looked when it comes to taking on an interior design project on your own, but they are a truly vital aspect to give any room a completed look and feel. Whether you are decorating a new space, or revamping an old space, window treatments may be exactly what you need in order to make your project complete. When it comes to choosing new window treatments for your space there are many things to consider and many decisions to make. In order to not be overwhelmed by all of the options, it is best to narrow down your choices quickly. The most efficient way to do this is to first decide which type of window treatments you want.

Are you looking for blinds?

Blinds are a common type of window treatment that are installed directly in to the window frame. Blinds are made up of a series of horizontal slats that can be pulled up or down using a string pulley system. Also, the horizontal slats of the blinds can be rotated up to one hundred and eight degrees in order to provide you with optimal control over the amount of light that you want to let in to the room at any given time.

Or maybe you are looking for shutters?

Shutters are another type of window treatment that are installed directly in to the frame of the window. Shutters can be opened to completely expose the view of the window, or closed to completely block the view of the window. Shutters are also typically made up of horizontal slats that are connected with a rod that can be pushed up or down to rotate the slats and give you more control over the amount of light that is let in to the room.

Or, are you looking for shades?

Shades are a type of window treatment that are made of a single piece of fabric. The fabric can be pulled up or down using a string pulley system and the fabric will roll up or fold into itself to expose the view of the window. Shades can come in a variety of colors and different types of fabric.

Once you know what type of window treatment you are looking for, you are nearly half way there! If you are still feeling overwhelmed you should go to your local window treatment retailer for some advice. Most window treatment retailers have a professional staff of stylists that are available to help you to pick out the best possible window treatments that will match your personal style as well as the style of the rest of the room. In Toms River, New Jersey there is no better window treatment retailer than Window Happenings. Window Happenings have been serving the Toms River area for more than thirty years and their friendly and professional staff has all of the experience and knowledge that you will need to find the perfect window treatments for your home or office.

Label magnets can really make a difference for your business.

There are a lot of reasons that you should invest in label magnets. They are, after all, an excellent resource if you have any kind of need for magnetic labeling. Whether you want to print off your warehouse labels on a magnetic label to avoid the sticky residue of paper stickers or if you are just hoping to improve your organizational skills in your home or your office, magnetic strips will be the right option for you time and time again. Best of all, Label Magnets is the premiere provider of magnetic labeling inventory and can provide you with just the right magnetic labels for your needs. Indeed, their inventory is well stocked with all the right tools for your magnetic labeling needs. They know that has a business person, you probably have a lot going on. You do not want to have to sift through a website that is poorly organized. You do not want to deal with the issue of working through piles of inventory just to figure out what exactly will work for you. That’s why Label Magnets makes it easy to determine exactly what will work for you and your business. The experts at Label Magnets want to make your experience streamlined and easy, just as they like their decisions at their company. That’s why they have an easy to navigate website and can quickly answer your questions to get you the products that you need.

Label Magnets has been making magnetic labels for over twenty five years, making them very knowledgable in the field of magnetic labeling. Their expertise in this subject really sets them apart from other label making companies. After all, they have made a business and a career out of label magnets, so you know that you can trust these experts to really know what they are talking about. The reasons for going with Label Magnets over other companies are numerous, but perhaps the most important things to note are these three areas: Passion, Low Overhead, and Quality. These three things really set Label Magnets apart as a company and make it clear that this is the magnetic label company you should use for all of your labeling needs:

1. Product Knowledge and Passion: As mentioned earlier, Label Magnets has over twenty five years of experience in the magnet industry. They have used their knowledge and their excitement about magnets to come up with products that are precisely what you have been looking for. This is what you need in a magnetic strips company.

2. Low overhead: So many times when you need a product from a company end up paying massive amounts of money to get something small. At Label Magnets, they left the corporate world behind them and their low overhead reflects that mindset.

3. Quality: While low overhead is part of their business model, you can also count on Label Magnets to get you the kind of quality products you can depend on. They are made right here in the US, keeping jobs at home.

Count on Label Magnets to get the job done right!


  1. Tile cleaning. There are very few houses in the USA these days that do not have at least one tiled floor. Tile is both a practical and beautiful addition to homes and its popularity has brought about a number of sub-industries around tile. One of the biggest related industries to pop up has been tile cleaning. Tile makes an excellent flooring material form bathrooms and kitchens because of the fact that it can take constant contact with water, the only weakness that tile has is the grout joints between the tiles are susceptible to staining and corrosion. If the grout joint is not kept in perfect condition, the whole tile floor could come apart. Professional tile cleaning services clean the spaces between the tiles with special chemicals that remove stains but don’t destroy the tile’s seal. Tile cleaning is also used when tile starts to become discolored because elements like humidity have gotten into the tiles surface. When the tile’s color starts to fad, bleaching the tile can restore its original color and shine. Tile cleanings are more affordable today than in the past and the average cleaning only costs slightly more than a general house cleaning.
  2. Carpet cleaning. Carpets are still the number one flooring material in the country and around the world and the industry that takes care of our carpets has been growing steadily since the carpet industry took root here. Few people bother to even try and clean their own carpets because of the risk of harming their floors, and so they prefer to just call a service in to take of stains and dirt for them. Carpet cleaning is also an intricate part of the rental industry as homes and other private properties which are rented out, receive far more cleanings annually than properties which are not rented. Anytime there is a change in ownership of a change in the renter, the first people called to the location are carpet and rug cleaners. The carpet is one of the areas in the home where odors from everyday life are most absorbed and which we may be blind to over time as we become accustomed to their smell. A regular carpet cleaning keeps are homes fresh looking and smelling. Carpet cleaning is a big industry today which represents almost 50 percent of all home cleaning services, a number likely to grow even more with time.
  3. Upholstery cleaning. Upholstery is perhaps the most difficult article in our homes to clean on our own. Upholstery means a thousand and one different materials that cover our furniture and each one has special cleaning needs. The people who work in the upholstery cleaning industry are fabric specialists who know exactly what chemical can be used with what fabric. Upholstery cleaning experts are also skilled in methods of cleaning fabrics which will not damage the materials beneath the fabrics. Trying to clean a small food stain from your living room sofa could be trouble if you are not sure what chemicals are safe to use or if you don’t know how to prevent the chemicals from seeping into the sofa material below. If you have a upholstery stain, best thing to do is just hire the pros.


Why blinds need to be periodically replaced

One of the things that every new home owner does when they purchase a new place or move into a new place is ensure that the windows are covered. This may mean putting in blinds for the first time, or it may mean replacing the blinds that are already in the windows with something that is new. hunter douglas shuttersThis is an important step, because blinds can soak up anything that has been in the air in the home, so it is important to replace them when you move into a new place. They are not easy to clean when the environment has had cigarette smoke or any other type of scent in the air. It can also hold toxins that were in the air in the home from the last owners or tenants. So, the first thing that should be done upon moving into a new place is to be sure that any blinds that were left behind in the windows are removed and replaced with something new.

Hunter Douglas has a great line of blinds and shades that can easily be ordered to fit into any size or width window, and these are perfect for helping to set the tone for a new home that needs to be decorated. If you start with the windows and a great selection of blinds or shades, the rest of the room can flow from that first design choice. Hunter Douglas shades and blinds are offered in a mix of materials and fabrics, as well as colors and styles. That means that home owners can find exactly what they are looking for, from cost to coverage and style. They also are long lasting, meaning that until they are at their end of life, they won’t need to be replaced due to breaking or over use.

The most important reason why starting with new blinds or shades is so important is because the new owner is often completely unaware of the habits and cleaning methods of the last tenant. There is no way to know what has been in the air in a home, or if those things have been soaked up into the window blinds and are now letting them out into the air for the new tenants or owners to breathe. It is important for a healthy home and a healthy air quality to start with a fresh batch of window coverings. The chance or potential for toxins is too great to let those old blinds or shades hang in the windows and not replace them.  It can be difficult to find the perfect blinds or shades to replace what is taken out, but there are many stores that are great at helping new owners find what they are looking for. Blinds and Designs in NC is one of those places, and they have so many sizes in stock that it is possible to leave the store that day with new blinds that fit the windows of your home and are easy to install on your own, that same day.

Refurbished cubicles are in high demand.

You would not have guessed ten years ago, especially after the move Office Space came out, that cubicles would be in high demand.  Surprisingly enough they are in high demand and this has a huge influence on a number of things and people that extend beyond the industry.  These are the people that work in the office settings that rely on the computers and cubicles that are supplied by some of the top office merchants int he world.  One of the best things that they are able to provide is a great sense for the company on what they could expect in buying a specific kind of office furniture.  As someone that has recently moved to an open office environment, it is a huge change and many of the people that have moved to this kind of setting may as well be surprised as well.

used cubiclesIn moving to an open office environment, it is vital to keep in mind that you will have significantly less privacy than you otherwise would.  An open office environment is characterized by the number of cubicles in the office. The cubicles literally open up the office and allow for all of the employees in the office to open up with each other.  This is something that has been experienced in the new office as everyone as the opportunity to talk to one, another in the new office.  It means that instead of having to send an email to someone, you can simply walk over to the office and that means that your personal relationship will prosper along with the work relationship.  Of course that is a two way street, but that is neither here nor there.

That is one of the reasons why someone or rather a company may be interested in getting new office furniture.  They feel that the workers will become even more proactive and start to be more sound in how they operate in the workplace.  It means a lot to the company and it means that they will be able to make even more money for the organization.  This is not a goal for a number of the companies that may be moving to an open office environment, but it is sure a great side effect for the companies.  Nevertheless, it is a move than many companies are making and many people are starting to like it as well.  It is a great equalizer for people and many of the individuals that are working in an open office environment like that they are positioned next to their bosses and it means that they will be able to open up their dialogues as well. This is all due to the office cubicles that allow people to open up themselves and their personalities due to the open environment. There are many places that are moving to this model and it is a great way to incorporate more and more understanding with your colleagues and what they need to be successful in the workplace.

When is it time to visit the vacuum shop to trade up?

vacuum-cleanersLets say you have an old upright, bagless machine that you purchased 10 years ago for your college apartment. It was fine for your wall-to-wall carpet, one-level space at the time, but now you’ve grown up. You have a home or town-home with stairs, a dog, kids, and you’ve recently developed new allergies to dust and fur. It’s safe to say that, even though your trusty old college cleaning buddy may still pick up your trail of debris, it’s probably time to upgrade.

The vacuum industry has had many breakthroughs  since you first  bought a vacuum, you now have so many options to find the machine that is right for you. Struggle no more with that heavy upright machine wobbling on each stair as you try to suck up all the dust bunnies. Try a canister vacuum with a long hose that will allow you to access the corners of those pesky stairs with ease. You can also choose a machine with a wet/dry option that will give you a no-hassle carpet warrior to clean up your pet (and kid) messes.

Visit a locally-owned store, like All Rays Vacuums, a family-owned vacuum repair shop with over 40 years of experience, and they will help you diagnose any current problems you’re having with your machine and give you the best possible options to fix it. But what’s more than that, they will let you know when the times comes that fixing the old one is going to cost you more (either now, or in the near future) than it is worth to continue to fix it.

If you’re the type of person who likes to have the newest of the new, you probably have my dream machine, the cordless Dyson vacuum. Oh, what I would’t give for the cordless Dyson. But that’s another story. What you need to know is that new vacuums come out in June every year. So to stay ahead of the curve, keep an ear tuned into vacuum industry news throughout the springtime to see what hot, new features your vacuum can have and then be the envy of all your neighbors by scooping up the fanciest new deal!

Here’s a price tip for after you’ve committed to buying a vacuum from the vacuum store. Some machines, while made by the same company and look virtually identical, can vary in price. There are a number of reasons for this, often traced back to the quality of the plastic or acrylic, or other internal parts, used to make the  machine. So here is a useful nugget of information that will no doubt change your life forever: When comparing the quality of plastic on a vacuum, finger tap the outside surface of the plastic. The higher the ‘ping’ you hear  means it is a lower quality plastic. A more durable plastic will respond to you with a thud or dull sound. You’re welcome.

If you have an older machine and feel like you are constantly needing vacuum repair, it might be time to invest in a new one. Parts can be expensive and if you are replacing a $90-$100 part every two  years. Your time and energy are worth sometime to, so consider visiting a local vacuum shop and asking the experts about the best course of action.

Blinds, Shades, Shutters Cleaning Tips You Can’t Do Without

At the end of a tiring day, it feels so good to come home to a clean house, sit near the window, relax, and enjoy the scenic view outside your home. But your blinds, shades, shutters, inevitably get dusty and dirty, too. With your hectic schedule, you probably will not have the time to clean them. But it has to be done.

Preventive maintenance is always better than getting it replaced. It’s more cost efficient and saves you the inconvenience. Yes, you can save a lot of time and energy, even money, if you take careful time to examine the cleaning requirements for any types of blinds or shades you have installed in your home. If you do now know what to look for, here are some tips:



Regular House Cleaning

There are many sources of dust pollutants at home. Every time you open a window or a door, you invite airborne particles in your house. Dust can also come from dead skin cells that we shed every day. Dirt is a common cause of pollutants in the hous,, You can tell how dusty it is just by wiping and using your bare hands.

Cleaning your house should be done regularly, not just every spring, especially if you have kids at home. This benefits your home in so many ways. It prevents kids or even you from getting any unwanted allergies from dusts that may have piled up in every corner of your house.

Dusting is your first-level of defence.  This must be done regularly so as to avoid dust accumulation. For a more thorough cleaning, you can use any vacuum cleaner with the brush attachment. This must be done gently.  Most products may be vacuumed using vertical strokes.  You can also use a hair dryer to blow dust off. Spot-cleaning can also be done. Use a soft cloth or sponge dipped in lukewarm water, you can also add mild detergent if necessary. It is important not to rub when spot cleaning as it can damage the fabric. Simply, blot gently.

For Metal of Vinyl Blinds, you have to remove blinds from the window. Hang them in a clothesline and wash with a mixture of 1 quart water and 1 teaspoon of ammonia. Rinse with clear water and with a new sponge. For Stain-finished wood blinds, you have to use lemon oil or wood preservative as water may damage the surface. For paper or parchment shades, softly brush dust off with a feather duster or a soft paintbrush.  For wood blinds and shutters, you can simply dust with vacuum or lamb’s-wool duster. You can also use a brush dipped in detergent and water.  Rinse and dry with a common cloth.

To remove wrinkles from the fabric, you can steam it. Just make sure you’re not using heavy duty steamers.

Taking care of window treatments is important. Not only can you ensure cleanliness, you also find comfort knowing your privacy is honoured.

For more information about finding the right window treatment for your home and how to take care of them, consult Blinds ‘N’ Shades Express.

Macchu Picchu Trekking is a Destination Come True is home to many a natural wonder. There are beautiful sunsets, sparkling green mountainsides, and plenty of other attractions to make Peru one of the most beautiful countries in the world. One attribute, however, stands out above the rest. Peru is home to the stunning peak Machu Picchu. What is so great about this peak? After all, the name name Machu Picchu simply means “old peak.” Why fuss over it? Machu Picchu, is in fact much more than just another mountain top or peak.

The ancient Incas found the area as beautiful and rich as people find it today, and as a result decided to built a settlement on the area. As Machu Picchu is settled right on top of the Sacred Valley northwest of the city of Cusco, it was the perfect area to build a settlement. Many believe that Machu Picchu was settled as a home for the Incan emperor Pachacuti, who lived from 1438 to 1472. Some refer to the city as the “Lost City of the Incas”, but this is a mistake, as Machu Picchu is perhaps the most well known icon of the Incan civilization that remains today.

The Incas settled the area around Machu Picchu in around 1450, though they only remained in residence for a century. This was because the Spanish conquistadors arrive in the mid fifteenth century to conquer to area and find gold. While the ancient city had been well known amongst natives, Machu Picchu did not receive international recognition or even attention until the American historian Hiram Bingham wrote about it in 1911. With this renewed attention, significant work was put into restoring the ancient city, and by the year 1976 thirty percent of Machu Picchu had been successfully restored. The work has continued throughout the decades and work is still being done on Machu Picchu to ensure adequate and accurate restoration happens. The site has received significant attention and recognition. In 1981 it became a Peruvian Historical Sanctuary and in 1983 it was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Finally, in 2007 an internet poll declared Machu Picchu as one of the New Seven Wonders of the World.

Why does all of this matter? Because it is an incredible old city built in the traditional Incan style. Not only that, but trekking Machu Picchu has become a popular past time and tourist attraction for the adventurous traveller. Indeed, many tours and hostels focus their attention on sending tourists to little know areas in Peru in order to help people discover places like Machu Picchu in the right way, and in a way that demonstrates the incredible history of the place. Of all the hiking in Peru, perhaps traveling around Machu Picchu has been the most popular and exciting. Machu Picchu trekking means adventure and excitement and a sense of wonder and awe that such an incredible wonder can engender. The ancient city, perched a top a beautiful green sloping old peak is nothing short of fantastic and awe inspiring. Put Machu Picchu on your list of places to travel this year.

The experts of Swiss military handguns

To some degree almost every kind of industry and business has moved a segment online to help reach a new set of customers and be able to run their company a little bit smoother without having to worry about maintaining a store front or dealing with any of the other issues that come to be because of having a physical business location.

Gun sales have even moved to a point where there are more and more companies popping up online to try and sell guns nationwide from one location. This can start to get a little bit complicated since each state has its own rules and laws about gun sales and ownership but if the company and the customer are willing to take on those responsibilities, it can mean a decent increase for the company. M10 AK
One of these companies who have moved their gun sales to the online realm is a company called CoGunSales out of Northglenn, Colorado. While CoGunSales has a large variety of different kinds of parts, magazines, accessories, curios and relics, antiques, edged weapons, and modern guns, they tend to specialize more in the line of Swiss guns, particularly surplus military firearms. Guns like the Schmidt Rubin line or Swiss military surplus guns or K31 Swiss handguns are the specialty of CoGunSales and it shows in their website. Since CoGunSales is so careful about specializing in Swiss military guns, they really know what they are doing and what they are looking for in a gun. This means that before they ever import a gun to be sold they make sure the gun passes a quality test and is picked based on its high merits. In addition to being only the highest quality of guns, CoGunSales also makes sure to import the guns within the very tight specifics of the law, this means that all of their guns are professionally and discreetly marked and within all of the guidelines and regulations from the ATF. The whole process from when CoGunSales is able to acquire the gun to when they sell it and ship it to you, they are incredibly careful about making sure that everything is done the right way and that nothing will damage the look and value of these great collectors items.

Since CoGunSales tries to specialize in Swiss military guns in particular, they know pretty much everything that there is to know about Swiss military guns so if you are a collector or an enthusiast, you can contact the staff at CoGunSales either by phone or on their website and be able to have a source of some great information that could end up helping you find the perfect gun or accessory that you have been looking for. Let the experts that CoGunSales have on staff help show you in the right direction so that you can be sure that you are getting the best possible firearm to fit your collection needs. If you already have a few of the Schmidt Rubin line, they might also be able to help you find any of the line that you have not been able to find yet.


A Tradeshow Booth is Good Way to Advertise Your Business

If you are going to enter your business in an Electronics Trade Show that is coming up, there are many things to consider. You will want to know all the businesses that are going to be there so that you can think about any competition vendors. You may have new products that you want to demonstrate and it’s always nice to know what competition is going to be there and what new products they may have to demonstrate. In order to draw attention to your booth you have decided to do something different this time. You have decided to hire a professional trade show exhibit company that design and create your trade show exhibit for you. This is a great leap but you are figuring that if you look more professional, you will get more attention. Your company has become larger and you are doing well. With this professional booth, you should be able to soar even further.

At your trade show event you are very pleased with the exhibit and how everything is set up. You think that IGE Group did a great job for you and you are sure to attract more attention. You have some new products and you are very excited to show them. Electronic trade shows are always well attended with many customers coming to see the new products. trade show displayYou know that you will get many new leads and you will be able to get lots of attention from not only the new products, but the booth is going to bring in lots of people as it grabs attention and it looks very professional and very striking. People may come and see your display booth before a competitors because of the professionalism of the booth. You can’t be more pleased with the results of your event booth. You have learned that if you want to attract new business, you have to do the planning and you have to spend money on the exhibit in order to attract attention that you need. You are sure that you have made the right decision. A display booth says a lot about a company. You want to look like you’re successful and this is the best way to do it. Spending money on a tradeshow booth that looks professional and grabs attention is one of the best decisions you have made.

Surveys on how companies spend their budget for advertising are clear. The internet and trade show booths are tied at the top for first place. That is a clear indication that they understand that revenue will be generated from these trade shows. Whether it’s an industry trade show or a consumer trade show, it’s all about others viewing your product. The markets are usually very competitive and this also allows the same kind of businesses to view the competition. Those who are in the market to stay on top of new technology in order to have their company stay at the top, are always interested in national trade shows to do with their industry.

Teach your teenager about regular maintenance such as oil changes before they are allowed to drive

Becoming a parent is an enormous responsibility that should not be undertaken lightly. That being said, it is also one of the most rewarding endeavors a person can take on in their lifetime. There are few things, if any, as satisfying as seeing your child grow into a happy, healthy adult. One of the most dangerous times in a child’s life is when they are learning to drive, and getting them safely through this period can be trying for even the most patient of parents. There are a lot of ways to help make sure they learn to drive safely and become responsible drivers for the future. Here are a few of the most highly recommended tips from professionals.

  1. Make sure your child takes driver’s education courses whether they are required by law or not. It varies by state, but some kids can get their licenses earlier than others if they tune uphave taken driver’s education courses. Make sure that your child is at least sixteen, if not older, before getting a license. Driver’s education courses should reinforce state laws and rules, and remind them of the dangers and responsibilities of driving.
  2. Practice with your child until you are comfortable. Even if they have passed the driver’s test, and they are old enough to drive, and they have completed the required number of hours, if you do not feel that they are ready to drive on their own you need to stand your ground and make sure you do not let them out on the roads alone earlier than they should be. You know your child best, and you also know their level of maturity and responsibility. If you feel they need more practice hours to get to the right level, make sure they get those hours. Drive with your child, have patience, and be a mentor. Above all, you are their parent and it is ultimately up to you when they get their license – not when the state says they can get their license.
  3. Instill in them the importance of automobile maintenance and knowledge. Show them how to check their oil levels, have them visit a shop such as Liberty Auto Centers for an oil change, and pass along some of the costs to the child. Lay out clear expectations from the beginning about who is paying for what, and make sure that some of the repairs and maintenance falls to them. Teenagers need to understand that oil changes cost money every few months. A regular tune up costs money every year, and insurance is a monthly expense. For teenagers, it is a high monthly expense. Being clear that your newly driving teenager is required to contribute to the maintenance of the car as well as the cost will save you a headache down the road and teach them a lesson about the costs of driving above and beyond just safety.
  4. Above all else, make sure you are comfortable with your teenager’s skill level and be clear about where they can and cannot go.