Energy Point #4: The Secret Key to Your Heart

Just the other day I was walking to the subway in my New York City neighborhood and just as I approached a woman walking the other way, I sneezed. “Bless you”, she said. “Thank you”, I answered, as we passed. Neither of us stopped or even slowed down (it’s New York, after all), but I smiled. Such a simple gesture; such a powerful impact.

This is the energy of our heart in action, our fourth energy point.

We tend to miss, ignore, deny and avoid the energy of our heart. Constantly. Yet, it’s where our brightest light and our darkest demons reside. It can soar us to triumph or crash us into despair.

I believe it’s pretty safe to say that we’ve all been hurt at one time or another. The hurt doesn’t damage us, what we do with it does. We close our heart for protection and end up harming ourselves in the process: we overeat to feel better, leave our relationships before they leave us and limit our financial income to what we’ve been told we’re worth.

So what do we do? We open up. Wide.

Perhaps you’ve heard the saying “Do unto others as you would have done unto you”. This is true. I like to take it a step further. We get what we give and it starts with the energy of our heart. If you want to resolve your issues with food, volunteer at a soup kitchen. Looking for a love relationship? Celebrate the love relationships that are around you; embrace wedding invitations. Want more money? Give some away.

The REAL key to the energy of the heart: no expectations of what you’ll get for giving.

Here’s my coaches challenge, if you’ll accept it. Write down one thing you really want to have happen for yourself. Now write down something connected to this want that you can give. Next, write down at least one name of someone that you can give to – even if the name is ‘stranger’. Put this in action for at least one day. Go for seven and then thirty. Email me the results.

Our strength, not our weakness, is in our open-heartedness.

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