Leadership and Development Series: Seeing Life Through the Eyes of Heroes

Welcome to the initial article of The Leadership and Development Series.

In the leadership and development series, I will be going through all of the various mindsets, principles and habits of successful people, as well as the real skills you can build on so you can take what you learn here and utilize it out in the real world.

Leadership and Development Principle: The more we see, the more options are available to us.

Since the beginning, humanity has continuously been on a consistent quest to increase understanding about the world we live in so we can make smarter decisions, we have even found a way to design tools so we can find out more of what we have available to us, from utilizing hot-air balloons in the Civil War, to satellites used today. As technology has advanced, so has the power to view things from a different, higher perspective.

Just like when you are struggling with a set of circumstances, just taking a step back and looking at the situation from a different perspective can be just what you need to help elevate your thoughts to a higher state of mind. It’s not easy to find a way around a brick wall when it is literally right in front of your face. All you have to do, if at all possible, back up from it. Detach yourself from it for a minute and allow your mind have a rest & come up for air. Just allowing your mind to that time to refresh will let you notice all kinds of different possibilities that you were blind to before.

At the same time, using this simple leadership and development technique can also force us to take a hard look at what we’re really working to accomplish, and re-examine if where we’re going is really a good place to be. This can be an a-ha moment that can help you correct course or move on to a more powerful goal.

Heroes become heroes when they allow themselves to look at situations from an elevated point of view. This allows them to find new answers to old problems, and alternative paths as opposed to dead ends. Do just this, and you will find a way to your destination where before there were only dead ends. There multiple paths to your goal. Through creativity, patience and persistence you will find a way to bring your vision into reality.

Leadership and Development Principle: Persistence Can Conquer All

“Never give in. Never. Never. Never. Never.” -Winston Churchill

Make a resolute decision to decline to give up. When you decide to keep going no matter what, life has a way of celebrating our decision by meeting us halfway. New opportunities seem to materialize out of nowhere. Things we never saw before spring to life.

You may get rejected 1,009 times, but if you keep steady in your vision, your goals & dreams ultimately someone will say yes to you… and then another, and then another. You can win only by never letting yourself quit.

You may have a multimillion dollar goal floating around between your ears, and what will eventually brign that dream into reality is your total determination to see your goal through to the end, and keep working until you get what you want. Sheer determination makes or breaks us.

What will you see when you learn to see through the eyes of heroes?

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