True Kindness is Helping Someone Who Cannot Pay You Back!

Life will present you with many opportunities to help those who can never compensate you in some way, but compassion has a greater reward than any payback ever could…

I often marvel at how the holiday season seems to bring out a level of kindness that never seems to be as intense or consistent in the earlier parts of the year? Why does society seem to ramp up its receptive nature to perform these random acts of kindness at such a limited window when compared to the entire year as a whole?

Think about the last time you did something nice for someone. Did you expect, or receive, something in return? While there is nothing negative about being paid back or about receiving some other form of appreciation, there is a special way of kindness that is much better.

When you show kindness to someone who cannot give nor do anything for you in return, you are expressing a wonderful kind of compassion. It is doing something for a fellow human being, without any expectations. There are no strings attached to compassion, nor are there any conditions. This makes compassion the purest form of kindness that exists.

If you consider all the people who are in your daily life, you will see that you have many opportunities to show kindness every day. There are also many people whom you do not see very often, and even strangers. Each and every person in the world needs, deserves, and appreciates kindness. You will not need to look very far to find plenty of them every day.

When you demonstrate that you are a compassionate person by showing kindness, you will deepen your respect for yourself. Other people will soon learn to respect you as well. The reason for this is that expressing kindness shows that you are a person who cares about others.

In today’s world, especially, there is a great need for kindness and compassion. Many people feel empty and alone. It is not hard to find many situations to show family members, friends and even strangers that each one does count. You may not have considered it this way before. The truth is that whenever you show kindness to a person, you are letting him know that he matters.

Even the smallest act of kindness can truly make a difference in a person’s life. When it is sincere and unconditional, you may even be helping him to believe in himself. The tiniest act of kindness can be a blessing that he will always remember. You have the gift to make such an impact in a person’s life!

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